Australian Order Fulfillment provides third party logistics (3PL) that include warehousing, pick and pack, eCommerce fulfillment, domestic distribution, inventory management and order fulfillment services to companies across the world who are looking to simplify their order shipments within Australia.

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eCommerce Fulfilment

Our E-Commerce Fulfillment uses the latest technology to ensure an efficient and cost effective order process with the highest level accuracy and a range of different packaging options tailored to your requirements.

Part of this process is the ability for your shopping cart, eCommerce platforms and accounting package online shops to be directly integrated with our Warehouse Management System.

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Our Warehouse Storage Management System can be directly integrated with your shopping cart, eCommerce platforms and accounting package online shops.

The RF scanning capabilities ensure your products are located correctly and in the right quantities for the right destination. Every time.

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Pick & Pack

Real time scanning provides you with up to the second data of receiving and releasing, picking and packing, receipts and replenishments. This empowers you to make informed decisions, maximise productivity and in turn increase the performance and profit of your business whilst minimizing unnecessary risks associated with high turnover storage.

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Inventory Management

Australian Order Fulfillment by ICAL has a real time inventory and stock control system, which means it is easy to be in touch with how much stock you have in the warehouse. Every time an item is picked for distribution you will have an automatic and instant notification, as well as when items are received and scanned into our warehouse. Essentially you have total vision and control of all your stock, all of the time.

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