• 1.Our team receives the order from your store

  • 2.The order is picked using RF scanning

  • 3.The order is carefully packed to your requirements to best represent your brand

  • 4.Shipping label is generated and your order is ready to go.

Pick & Pack

A fast pick and pack process is imperative to your business, and our technology ensures you meet the level of customer demand expected in today’s competitive climate.

We utilize the pinpoint precision of RF scanning to ensure the correct product, quantity and destination are selected for each order.

Real time scanning provides you with up to the second data of receiving and releasing, picking and packing, receipts and replenishments. This empowers you to make informed decisions, maximise productivity and in turn increase the performance and profit of your business whilst minimizing unnecessary risks associated with high turnover storage.

Our system provides a comprehensive web based track and trace functionality which allows you to enter orders, view order statuses, invoices and inventory balances no matter what time it is. It’s this 24/7 control amongst other benefits that make our fulfillment warehouse feel like an extension of your business.

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