Fulfilment FAQ's

What does 3PL or 4PL mean?

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. A 3PL company is a company that you outsource your distribution processes to, aka logistics.

A 4PL however, manages the full supply chain operation through use of different technology and processes and integration.

Do you handle returns?

Returned items are equally as important as the items going out. We will inspect each item and follow appropriate steps to either send back to you/your manufacturer or destroy the item. We process returns & exchanges efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction is upheld. Because your customers are our customers at the end of the day.

Are email confirmations sent when products are shipped?

We can send email confirmations direct to your customers if you supply their email addresses, or alternatively, we just send the notification electronically between our systems so that you can issue the email to the customer.

Do we need to provide an item reference number or barcode?

All items that are to be dispatched from our facility will need to be barcoded to ensure picking accuracy and efficiency

Can you ship from and to other warehouses?

Absolutely. You tell us what to do with your products, whether it’s going to a customer or another warehouse, we can manage this process for you.

Do I need Insurance or is our inventory covered under yours?

You need to arrange insurance cover for your merchandise because it is your property and not ours.

Speak to your insurer/broker to arrange this cover.

How secure is your facility?

We have 24/7 security and CCTV coverage as well as fully equipped fire and safety equipment. (You can note this down for your insurance company if need be).

Are there products that you do not handle?

This all depends on if the product is unsafe or overly fragile to temperature, perishable or of course illegal. We reserve the right to decline products that fall under any of these risks.

Can you do kitting?

Absolutely. Your product may be stored in separate pieces and when required we can assemble it upon your instructions.

Does Australian Order Fulfillment also handle customs clearance on import?

Yes, we offer a full range of freight forwarding and Customs brokerage service. In fact our parent company ICAL International Customs and Logistics is one of Australia’s leading freight forwarder and Customs brokers.

Can you ship internationally?

As per above, ICAL is one of Australia’s leading freight forwarders, and hence this is one our specialities. Contact us for competitive rates on these services.

Do we need to pay import duties?

Yes, you must pay all taxes, duties and customs fees involved with your inventory before they arrive at our warehouse. This is referred to as “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP).

What happens if we run out of stock?

You will be notified automatically as soon as your stock is running low, so that you have plenty of warning. SKU’s can have a default replenishment quantity set also.

Should you require back orders due to depleted stock, we will follow your guidelines as to how you wish us to handle this situation and place the order on hold until stock has been replenished.

What is the minimum amount of shipments required?

There isn’t any minimum shipping quantities or anything like that. Your weekly payments will be based on how much storage/shipping you use.

What are your payment options?

Wire Transfer & credit card options are available and can be billed in Australian or US Dollars.