Secure and efficient storage utilizing a state of the art Warehouse Management System.

Pallets can be stored in our racked storage which ensures that your products are not damaged from over stacking.

Smaller items are stored in our separate secure section tailored specifically for small pick items. We also have the option for bulk storage. Whether it’s big or small, we have got you covered.

Our Warehouse Storage Management System can be directly integrated with your shopping cart, eCommerce platforms and accounting package online shops.

The RF scanning capabilities ensure your products are located correctly and in the right quantities for the right destination. Every time.

Real Time inventory control allows you to get an accurate view of your inventory as it is inbound, stored and outbound from the warehouse. This allows you to rapidly scale your inventory to meet seasonal change, business growth, and high volume customers.

Our facility is both Quarantine and Customs approved with regular inspections. This means the premises is of high cleanliness and also secure with 24hr security surveillance inside and out.

Take the hassle out of international shipping & order fulfilment

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